Stress Strain Formula Calculator to calculate tensile stress (or compressive stress), normal/shear stress on any oblique section of the bar, longitudinal/lateral strain, longitudinal/lateral deflection and total strain energy according to stress and strain formulas.

Stress is average force per unit area which results strain of material. The unit of stress is N/mm2 (MPa). Strain is any forced dimension change of a material and strain is a dimensionless quantity. Stress and strain formulas for a bar under axial loading are given in the following table.

Parameter Formula
Tensile Stress [σ] σT = P/A
Normal Stress in any Oblique Section [σθ] σθ = (P/A)*cos2θ
Shear Stress in any Oblique Section [τθ] τθ = (P/2A)*sin2θ
Longitudinal Strain [ε] ε = σ/E
Longitudinal Deflection [δ] δ = (Pl)/(AE)
Lateral Strain [ε'] ε' = -νε
Lateral Deflection [δ'] δ' = ε'd

If a straight bar, of any cross section, of homogeneous material, is axially loaded , the bar elongates under tension and shortens under compression. On any right section to the load, there is a uniform tensile (or compressive) stress. On any oblique section, there is a uniform tensile (or compressive) normal stress and a uniform shear stress.

Basic assumptions for the Stress and Strain Calculator are:

- The loads are applied at the center of ends,

- Uniform stress distribution is occured at any section of the bar,

- The bar is constrained against buckling,

 - The stress does not exceed the proportional limit.

Stress Strain Formula Calculator:

Tensile Stress in a Bar
Parameter Value
Applied Load [P]
Cross-sectional Area (before loading) [A]
Length (before loading) [l]
Lateral Dimension [d]
Elastic Modulus [E]
Poisson's Ratio [ν] ---
Angle  [θ] deg

Parameter Value
Tensile Stress [σ] ---
Normal Stress in any Oblique Plane [σθ] ---
Shear Stress in any Oblique Plane [τθ] ---
Longitudinal Strain [ε] --- ---
Lateral Strain [ε'] ---
Longitudinal Deflection [δ] --- ---
Lateral Deflection [δ'] ---
Total Strain Enegy [U] ---

Note: Use dot "." as decimal separator.

Note: Negative stresses are compression stresses.



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