Mechanical engineering calculators and converters which are available in this website are listed below. This list gives headlines of mechanical engineering calculators and when clicked on the links, more engineering calculators may be found.

Calculator Definition
Vibration calculators Calculates different vibrational cases such as natural frequency of mass-spring-damper system, natural frequency of a uniform shaft in torsional vibration, natural frequency of cantilever and simply supported beams, string vibrations, sinusoidal motion calculator and decibel converter.

Calculator Definition
Structural beam deflection and stress calculators Calculates parameters of the compression member (column) for different end conditions and loading types. Calculators also covers bending moment, shear force, bending stress, deflections and slopes calculations of simply supported and cantilever structural beams for different loading conditions.
Hertzian contact stress calculator Calculates the Hertzian contact parameters such as contact pressure and shear stresses for spherical and cylindrical contact cases.
Sectional properties calculators Calculates sectional properties of standard profiles and shapes such as I beam, C channel, Tee section, solid and hollow bars, solid and hollow shafts, wide flange I beams, American standard beams (S shapes), American standard steel channels, steel angles with equal legs ("L" shapes) and aluminum  I beams and channels.
Stress concentration factors calculators Calculates stress concentration factors for different geometries and loading conditions.
Stress - strain analysis Covers stress-strain transformation, calculation of principal stresses and maximum shear stress for plane stress, stress calculations for thin walled pressure vessels, Hooke's law, strain rosette calculation and etc. Mohr's circle representation is available for some of the calculators.
Structural analysis of beams and shafts Covers structural analysis of beams, shafts, tubes and sections for different loading conditions.

Calculator Definition
Properties of materials Shows engineering properties of various materials including density, modulus of elasticity, Poisson's ratio, linear thermal expansion coefficient.

Calculator Definition
Unit converter Converts between frequently used engineering units of length, mass, force, pressure, power, temperature etc.
Fastener calculators Calculates the fastener dimensions according to ASME standards. Fasteners which are covered by the calculators are machine screws, hex and heavy hex bolts, hex and heavy hex cap screws, hex machine screw nut, hex nuts and hex jam nuts, hex slotted nuts, Acorn nuts, plain washers, helical spring lock washers, tooth lock washer, hexagon and spline socket head cap screws, hexagon and spline socket flat countersunk head cap screws
Keys and Keyways Dimension charts for Keys and Keyways
Limits, fits and tolerances calculators Calculates the limits, fits and tolerances according to ISO 286(2010), ANSI B4.2 (1978) and ANSI B4.1 -1967 (2004) standards for metric and inch unit systems. There is also a calculator to calculate the press fit force, required temperatures for shrink fit, fit stresses and other parameters necessary for interference fit design
Coil springs calculators Calculates compression and extension springs parameters such as spring  rate, shear stress, number of coils in spring, spring buckling analysis, Wahl factor.
Mass moment of inertia calculators Calculates mass moment of inertia values of typical bodies.
Physics calculators Calculates constant acceleration, free fall and projectile motion parameters.
Thread calculators and charts Calculates Unified inch screw thread sizes, ISO metric screw thread sizes, ISO metric trapezoidal thread sizes, General purpose Acme screw thread sizes, Stub Acme screw thread sizes, Buttress screw thread dimensions, tap drill sizes for Unified inch and metric threads, clearance holes, drill and counterbore sizes for socket head cap screws ,torque and tightening values, Leadscrew torque and efficiency values calculations, Helicoil tapped hole dimensions, Helicoil length selection, NPT pipe threads and drill sizes, BSP, BSPP and BSPT pipe thread sizes and dimensions.
Tools, bits and keys calculators Shows dimensions of hex (allen) and spline keys and bits, straight shank jobbers, screw machine length and taper length, and taper shank drill bits.