Ames website is informative website which is being developed to be a reference source about mechanical engineering topics for mechanical engineers, machanists, engineering students and professionals from other disciplines.

Website content is mainly composed of engineering calculators related with mechanical engineering topics which are needed frequently in engineering applications. Calculator pages generally consist of engineering calculator, formulas used to develop the calculators, definitions, supplementary charts and tables. Website pages are enriched with schematic representations and graphs to be able to present results clearly. References which are used during the development of the engineering calculators are given in the references section of the relevant calculator. References are tried to be selected from ISO & ANSI standards and/or widely recognized engineering books.

User interface is tried to be kept simple and same for each page to give comfortable usage of the website.

Some sample problems are given in the Examples section of the website to familiarize the visitor to usage of calculators. Step by step explanations are given in solution to clearly tell the usage of the website.

In the Guideline section, there are useful information on different engineering topics which are presented to give an elementary information on the topic with relevant documentation. has been developed from the scratch after many hours of hardworking. All the information presented here is developed after a comprehensive study to let work in qualitive and precise manner. We hope that you’ll find our website useful.