Thermal Stress Calculator has been developed to calculate stress of a restrained bar when the temperature of the bar is uniformly changed.

If the temperature of a bar , which is placed between two fixed supports, is increased by ∆T, the bar cannot expand due to restraints imposed on its ends. The supports exert equal and opposite forces on the bar to keep it from elongating. Thus, a state of stress is created in the bar. This thermal stress is proportional to the temperature change ∆T, coefficient of thermal expansion (α) and elastic modulus (E) of bar material and thermal stress formula is given in the "List of Equations" section.

Thermal Stress Calculator:

Thermal Stress in a Bar
Parameter Value
Elastic Modulus [E]
Linear Expansion Coefficient [α]
Initial Temperature [t0]
Final Temperature [t1]

Parameter Value
Thermal Stress [σT] ---
Temperature Change [∆T] --- ---

Note: Use dot "." as decimal separator.

Note: Negative stresses are compression stresses.



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List of Equations:

Parameter Equation
Thermal Stress [σT] σT = -(∆T)αE