Physics calculators have been developed to calculate different cases in physics such as circular motion, free fall, projectile motion, vector cross product and dot product, addition and subtraction of vectors and uniform acceleration.

Calculator Usage
Acceleration Calculator Calculates the displacement, distance, initial velocity, final velocity, average velocity, average speed, travel time and acceleration parameters of constant acceleration problem in physics.
Circular Motion Calculator Calculates centripetal acceleration, angular velocity, speed, period, frequency and radius parameters of a uniform circular motion in physics
Density Calculator Calculates density of an object.
Dot Product Calculator Calculates dot product (scalar product), magnitudes and angle between two vectors.
Elastic Potential Energy Calculator Calculates the potential energy of a stretched/compressed spring for a given spring displacement and spring constant.
Free Fall Calculator Calculates the free fall distance (h), velocity (v) and time (t) without air resistance.
Hooke's Law Calculator Calculates spring displacement, spring constant and restoring force of a spring.
Object on Inclined Plane with Static and Kinetic Friction Calculator Calculates the friction force, normal force and acceleration of a body on an inclined plane
Kinetic Energy Calculator Calculates kinetic energy, velocity and mass.
Newton's Second Law of Motion Calculator Calculates force (F), acceleration (a) and mass (m).
Projectile Motion (Horizontal Trajectory) Calculator Calculates the initial and final velocity, initial and final height, maximum height, horizontal distance, flight duration, time to reach maximum height, and launch and landing angle parameters of projectile motion in physics.
Simple Harmonic Motion Calculator Calculates period, frequency, angular frequency, amplitude, displacement, velocity and acceleration of simple harmonic spring oscillator in physics.
Simple Pendulum Calculator Finds pendulum period, frequency and length in physics.
Tension Calculator of Two Ropes with Different Angles Finds tension in two ropes hanging with different (or same) angles and supporting an object with mass m.
Trajectory Calculator Finds range, maximum height and flight time of horizontal projectile in physics.
2D Vector Addition Subtraction Calculator with Graphs Calculates addition and subtraction of up to five 2D vectors.
Vector Addition Calculator Calculates addition and subtraction of two vectors.
Vector Cross Product Calculator Calculates cross product (vector product) of two vectors.
Vector Magnitude and Angle Calculator Calculates magnitude and direction angle of a vector from its components or vice versa.
Work Calculator Calculates the work done on an object which moves through a distance by a constant force.