Forged Eye Bolt Dimensions Chart for selected forged threaded eye bolts which are intended primarily for lifting applications. All dimensions are according to ASME B18.15 standard.

Forged Eye Bolt Types:

- Type 1, Plain pattern (straight shank): Long length (Style A) and Short length (Style B)

- Type 2, Shoulder pattern: Long length (Style A) and Short length (Style B)

Some important notes from the ASME B18.15:

- Mechanical properties for carbon steel eye bolts are covered by ASTM A 489.

- Forged, quenched and tempered alloy steel threaded eyebolts with improved toughness and intended primarily for low temperature applications are covered by ASTM F 541.

- Eye bolt threads shall be unified coarse thread with tolerance class of 2A. Rolled threads are desirable for improved fatigue life. Eye bolts are used in tapped holes with Class 2B threads.

Nominal eye bolt size (inches)
Eye Bolt Type
Eye Bolt Style


Dimensions of Forged Eye Bolts
Parameter Value
Nominal Size - --- -
Eye Bolt Type - ---
Eye Bolt Style - ---
Thread Size H ---
Major Thread Diameter [A] Amax --- in
Amin ---
Shank Length [B] Bmax ---
Bmin ---
Eye Internal Diameter [C] Cmax  ---
Cmin ---
Nominal Eye Outer Diameter D ---
Eye Section Diameter [E] Emax ---
Emin ---
Overall Length Fmax ---
Fmin ---
Minimum Full Thread Length Gmin ---
Eye to Shoulder Jmax ---
Jmin ---
Shoulder Diameter Kmax ---
Kmin ---
Shoulder Height Lmax ---
Lmin ---
Radius under Shoulder Rmax ---
Rmin ---



  • ANSI / ASME B18.15 - 1985, Forged Eyebolts