The density of iron is 7.874 g/cm3 (491.5 lb/ft3, 0.284 lb/in3). Following chart shows density values of iron and iron alloys at room temperature.

Density of Iron and Iron Alloys
Density of Iron
Material Density
g/cm3 lbm / in3
Pure iron 7.874 0.2845
Ingot iron 7.866 0.2842
Wrought iron 7.7 0.2
Gray cast iron 7.15 Note-1 0.258 Note-1
Malleable iron 7.27 Note-2 0.262 Note-2
Ductile iron 7.15 0.258
High-nickel iron (Ni-Resist) 7.5 0.271
High-chromium white iron 7.4 0.267

Note-1: 6.95 to 7.35 g/cm3 (0.251 to 0.265 lb/in.3).

Note-2: 7.20 to 7.34 g/cm3 (0.260 to 0.265 lb/in.3).

Physical Properties of Iron:

Iron is a ductile and malleable material. It is a silvery white and grayish metal. It has a melting temperature of 1538 °C. Iron is one of the three naturally occurring magnetic elements. The other two elements are nickel and cobalt.

The chemical symbol of iron is Fe. Iron is a very active metal and combines with oxygen in wet air. The product of reaction results iron oxide (Fe2O3) which is known as rust. Rusting of iron is a chemical change.