Metric hexagon socket head cap screw dimensions including M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, etc., screw sizes are shown in the following chart according to ISO 4762:2004 standard.

ISO 4762 specifies the properties of hexagon socket cap screws with coarse pitch thread from M1.6 up to and including M64.

Some important notes from ISO 4762 standard:

- Thread: 5g6g for Grade 12.9, 6g for other classes

- Mechanical Properties: For steel socket head cap screws with sizes ≥M3 and ≤M39, property classes are 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9. For stainless steel socket head cap screws with sizes ≤M24, property classes are A2-70, A3-70, A4-70 and A5-70. For stainless steel socket head cap screws with sizes >M24 and ≤M39, property classes are A2-50, A3-50, A4-50 and A5-50.

- Finish: For steel screws, electroplating per ISO 4042 and zinc flake coatings per ISO 10683. For stainless steel screws, plain finish.

- Designation: Hexagon socket head cap screw ISO 4762 - M6 x 35 - 10.9 (M6 thread with 35 mm length and property class 10.9)

- Approximate masses of steel screws are given in the Annex of the standard.

Metric hexagon socket head cap screw dimensions:

Thread Size [d]
Nominal Length [l] Note 1

Note 1: The range of commercial lengths is given in the list. Consult manufacturer for availability of other lengths.


Dimensions of Metric Socket Hex Cap Screws
Parameter Value
Thread Size d --- ---
Thread Pitch P --- mm
Head Diameter [dk] dk,max ---
dk,max ---
dk,min ---
Max. Fillet Transition Diameter da,max ---
Body Diameter [ds] Note 1 ds,max ---
ds,min ---
Min. Hexagon Socket Size
Across the Corners
emin ---
Head Height [k] kmax ---
kmin ---
Hexagon Socket Size snom ---
smax ---
smin ---
Min. Depth of Driving Feature tmin ---
Max. Chamfer or Radius vmax ---
Diameter of the Bearing Face dw,min ---
Min. Thickness between Driving
Feature and Bearing Face
wmin ---
Approximate Mass Note 2 m --- kg/
1000 pc.
Screw Length lnom --- mm 
lmax ---
lmin ---
Max. Grip Length lg,max ---
Min. Shank Length ls,min ---
Thread Length bref ---
Note  ---
Max. Fillet Length lf,max --- mm
Fillet Radius rmax ---
rmin ---

Note:1 ds applies if values of ls,min are specified.

Note:2 (ρ=7.85 kg/dm3)


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  • ISO 4762:2004, Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws