Metric Hex Jam Nut (Hex Thin Nut) Dimensions Chart according to ISO ISO 4035 and ISO 4036 standards.

Some important notes from the ISO standards:

- ISO 4035 specifies the characteristics of chamfered hexagon thin nuts (jam nuts), with threads from M1.6 up to including M64, with product grade A for threads d ≤ M16 and product grade B for threads d > M16.

- Mechanical properties of ISO 4035 hex thin nuts: Steel - M3 ≤ d ≤ M39 - Property class 04, 05 , Stainless steel - d ≤ M24: Property class A2-035, A4-035 , M24 < d ≤ M39 - Property class A2-025, A4-025

- ISO 4036 specifies the characteristics of unchamfered hexagon thin nuts (jam nuts), with threads from M1,6 up to and including M10 and product grade B.

- Mechanical properties of ISO 4036 hex thin nuts: Steel - Minimum hardness 110 HV30

Metric Hex Jam Nut (Hex Thin Nut) Dimensions Chart:

Nominal metric hex thin nut (jam nut) size


Dimensions of Metric Hex Thin Nuts
Size ---
Product Grade --- ---
Standard --- ---
Pitch --- ---
da max --- ---
da min --- ---
dw min --- ---
e min --- ---
m max --- ---
m min --- ---
mw min --- ---
smax --- ---
smin --- ---

Note 1: Dimensions are in mm.

Note 2: Requirements for electroplating are covered in ISO 4042 for steel nuts

Note 3: Requirements for nonelectrolytically applied zinc flake coatings are covered in ISO 10683 for steel nuts.

Note 4: Non-preferred threads according to ISO standards: M3.5, M14, M18, M22, M27, M33, M39, M45, M52, M60.

Note 5: Thread tolerance of hex thin nuts is 6H.


Product Grade A, Grade B and Grade C: The product grades refer to the size of the tolerances where grade A is the most precise and grade C is the least precise as defined in the ISO 4759-1:2000 standard.


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  • ISO 4035:1999, Hexagon thin nuts (chamfered) — Product grades A and B
  • ISO 4036:1999, Hexagon thin nuts (unchamfered) — Product grade B
  • ISO 4759-1:2000, Hexagon nuts — Bolts, screws, studs and nuts — Product grades A, B and C